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CEPER: Putin strongly and Biden slightly losing popularity in Central Europe


83% in the region want ceasefire or peace agreement in Ukraine
Russia's war against Ukraine has been going on for almost a year, with at least 100,000 casualties on both sides. All Western countries are united in condemning Russia's aggression, but they have different opinions on how to handle the conflict... read more »

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Central European Perspectives Plc. is an analytics, public opinion research and polling company of Central European scope with its headquarters based in Budapest. We track, analyse, and evaluate the political and economic processes of twelve Central European countries and conduct polls on their decisions, plans and leading personalities. We believe that Central Europe is in the process of unification in an otherwise divergent world making the region increasingly important for the future. We offer our clients unique insights into the local views and perspectives.



We provide ad hoc and regular press reviews, media impact and political analyses on the countries of the V4, as well as Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania and Bulgaria. We examine the impact of political and economic processes on the stability of these countries using own methodology.