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CEPER | 02 May 2023

CEPER: Not All Central Europeans Consider Themselves Central Europeans

A clear majority of respondents from Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, and Slovenia identified their countries as Central European in the surveyed region, located in between the borders of Germany and the former Soviet Union. Croats, Serbs, Romanians, and Bulgarians in majority do not consider themselves Central Europeans.

CEPER | 28 Mar 2023

CEPER: Putin strongly and Biden slightly losing popularity in Central Europe

83% in the region want ceasefire or peace agreement in Ukraine

Russia's war against Ukraine has been going on for almost a year, with at least 100,000 casualties on both sides. All Western countries are united in condemning Russia's aggression, but they have different opinions on how to handle the conflict.

The growing exhaustion from the war, which has already been going on for a year, is increasing the anxiety among European leaders. Even in the Central European countries neighbouring or close to Ukraine, the overwhelming majority of the population want ceasefire or peace, and not the continuation of the war. In the twelve Central European states surveyed in January 2023, 25% of respondents were in favour of a ceasefire, 58% were in favour of peace, and only 9% were in favour of the continuation of the war.

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